Our Team

The Doctors

Practice Nurses

Nadia Halley. Nadia is based at the surgery Wednesday evening and Friday all day, to see her you need to have an appointment. You can have an appointment without seeing a doctor, but the nurse may need to consult a doctor about your problem if your condition requires it. To find out how to make an appointment, please see the ‘appointments’ section.

Suzan Ogan. Suzan is based at the surgery Monday - Thursday. You will need to have an appointment to see Suzan and during your appointment the nurse may need to consult a doctor if your condition requires it.

Both Nadia and Suzan can do Cervical Cytology, Asthma, COPD, Diabetic, Wound care, Immunisations, and Travel Vaccinations.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Kemi Oni-Sholaja. Kemi is our advanced nurse practitioner and based at the surgery from Monday and Tuesday and to see her you will need to have an appointment. Kemi can do what a nurse can but can also prescribe.

Charles Ricketts. Charles is our other advanced nurse practitioner and is based at the surgery Thursday and Friday. You will need an appointment to Charles.

Both Kemi and Charles can see patients for minor ailments and also for medication reviews, along with any disease management reviews.

Healthcare Assistant - Leah Bradley
Leah is our healthcare assistant that you will see for blood pressure checks, new patient checks, ecg's, pill checks and NHS healthcare checks. She will from time to time also assist our practice nurse. Leah can be seen by making an appointment.

Leah can see you for 24 hour blood pressure, wound care, new patient healthcheck, general healthcheck, BP, stop smoking.

Practice Staff

Practice Manager - Alex Fletcher
Alex is our practice manager and he will be able to help you with any non-medical aspects of your health and treatment. He is available to discuss any suggestions which may help to improve our service to you on request.

Administration Staff

Marjory Mwaba Practice Secretary
Marjory is available Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 2.30pm, and a Friday 9.00am - 12.00noon. If you have any queries regarding referrals to hospitals. She also deals with most forms that Doctors need to fill in or sign.

Reception Staff
Alison Popham - Head Receptionist

Jacqueline Strachan Sharon Cottrell
Christine Coventry

Our receptionists are here to help you. They may need to ask you for further details when you telephone. This is to ensure that we can assist you as speedily as possible. They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses. However, if you think that the content of what you wish to discuss is too confidential to discuss with them, please tell them and they will understand without taking offence.

The staff at this surgery try very hard to provide a caring and efficient service for all our patients. Please treat them with the respect that they deserve. Occasionally, it may appear as if a person is seen out of turn, or, possibly before your turn even if it appears they may have arrived later. This may be for compelling medical reasons of which you are unaware and for which the staff are unable to divulge because of confidentiality reasons. Please try to understand.

The Doctors will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse against their staff or themselves, and any patients that do not comply with this request will be removed with immediate effect.