Home Visits

Unlike in the past, home visits are increasingly rarely done and only in special circumstances. There is a reason for this. As surgeries become increasingly more sophisticated, the quality of care that you can receive in a medical centre such as Chadwell Medical Centre is much higher than what the doctor can give you at your home. In a medical centre there is a team of staff to assist, better lighting, defibrillators, nebulisers, ecg machines, pulse oximeters, … the list goes on. We actively encourage, therefore, people to attend surgery rather than have a home visit.

Apart from the clinical care aspect, there is also the efficient use of time. Usually a there and back again visit takes 30 minutes. In that time 6 short appointments or three routine appointments can be seen and if you accept that surgery appointments are precious, you will see that home visiting is the least efficient use of time.

If you think a home visit is necessary, please try to ring the surgery before 11.00am on the same day.  The receptionist will take your details and usually the duty doctor will call you back at some stage in the morning. The doctor will assess whether a home visit is appropriate or whether it is better for you to attend surgery.

By now, you may be wondering if there are any situations where a doctor will consider a home visit is more appropriate. Well, yes, in fact there are. People who are in the terminal phases of their illness, such as cancer patients, and people who are paralysed and cannot use wheelchairs, are some examples of appropriate home visit situations.