Consulting Times (By Appointment Only)
: 8.00am - 18.30pm
: 8.00am - 18.30pm
: 8.00am - 20.00pm
: 8.00am - 18.30pm
: 8.00am - 18.30pm

If you need a doctor in an emergency during the times we are closed please dial 111.

The surgery will be closed from 1pm on every second Tuesday of the month for staff training. Please dial 111 for any emergency.

We also offer weekend appointments via the local Hub Service - please see Patient Information section for more details.

Book Online
You are now able to book an appointment to see the doctor via the systmonline website. In order to do this, you will need to call into the surgery after 11am Monday to Friday and speak to a receptionist, who will run off your registration information which will include a username and password which is specifically for you. Once you have logged in using the information given to you, you will be able to change your password.

You are also able to request any repeat medication that you are currently on via this process as well.

Please note that each member of a family will need their own username and password details as it is unique to each patient. Children under the age of 16 can be registered by a parent/guardian, but once they have reached 16 their registration will be automatically cancelled and they will have to come in to re-register.

If you lose or forget your log-in and password details, please come back into the surgery and we can re-register you again and issue you with a new username and password.

Absent Doctors
Because of study leave/holidays there may be one doctor absent from the practice at any time. A locum doctor may be available during these times, although they may not always have the same surgery times.

A full appointment system is in force and whenever possible you will be given an appointment to suit you with the doctor of your choice if specified by you, but IT MUST BE EMPHASISED that this is not always possible and it must be stressed that to allow the smooth and efficient running of the practice for the benefit of both staff and patients we ask you to be understanding and not make unfair or unreasonable demands after a clear explanation has been give to you.

Routine Appointments

We have a commitment to see patients and if possible within a period of 48 hours from the time the request for an appointment is made. This means that most routine appointment slots are not released until 48 hours before the allotted time. Where possible, you will be given an appointment the same day as you request it and we will try to book this with the doctor of your choice but we hope you will understand this not always possible.

You can make an appointment by calling in to the surgery or telephoning 01375 858404/842289 during opening hours.

At busy times, especially in the mornings, all the telephone lines may be engaged or there may be a delay before your call is answered as all the receptionists are busy. Please be patient and try again.

Please note that all our telephone calls are recorded, not only for training purposes but also to clarify any misunderstandings that may, from time to time, arise. This is for your safety as well as for the benefit of our staff.

The appointment system operates both for your convenience and to aid the doctor and is one patient for one appointment only. Sometimes, you may have a list of subjects that you wish to discuss. However, the appointment is usually only 10 minutes long. It would help, therefore, if you were to prioritise your list so that the topics you think are most important are discussed first, and if time runs out, the other topics can be discussed at another time. In this way you can help the doctors to keep to time, which in turn will keep long waits in the waiting room to a minimum.

Inevitably, some consultations will run over time, and usually for compelling medical reasons. Although this can be trying, it may be the key to helping a particular person at a critical time in their life. We hope that you will understand that one of the compensations for this is that if ever you need additional care and attention you will get it, even if others may be required to wait a little longer than anticipated. We hope that in this way all patients of Chadwell Medical Centre will co-operate with patience and understanding in what could otherwise be a stress inducing situation.

blame the receptionist if the doctor or nurse is running late for your appointment, or if she is unable to offer you just what you want. Remember she is trying to do a very difficult job and is often working under extreme pressure.

Emergency Appointments:

If you feel that you cannot wait until the next routine appointment, you will be offered a short appointment at the end of morning surgery. Please note that there will be no choice as to which doctor you see at such times.

Please remember, appointments are scarce and appointment times are precious. Please do not abuse them by not turning up without cancelling. This wastes everybody’s time.

If you cannot attend for your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that the cancellation may be offered to another patient whose need may be urgent

Out Of Hours Calls

If there is an emergency and the surgery is closed, please dial 111. If it is during the lunchtime closure you will be given a number to ring. If you feel the problem is extremely serious such as severe chest pain, severe bleeding, collapse or unconsciousness – DIAL 999 AND CALL AND AMBULANCE.

Telephone Advice

It is the policy of Chadwell Medical Centre that wherever possible a patient requiring advice of a medical nature should always be seen in the form of a face to face consultation. This allows for better communication and less chance of misunderstandings.

All of our Clinicians have been fully trained, in order to carry this out.

If you wish to speak with the duty doctor and it is not urgent, the receptionist will take your details and ask what the reason is. You do not have to give the receptionist a reason but it would be beneficial for the duty doctor when returning your call. All routine requests will be given to the duty doctor after surgery.

If you request to speak to the duty doctor urgently or the receptionist feels that it is an urgent matter then you will be put through to the doctor in-between patients. If the condition appears to be a medical emergency then you will be put straight through to the duty doctor or advised to dial 999.